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David Shaw’s Blog on the history of the book, early music, the history of Canterbury Cathedral Library and its collections.

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An attempt to acquire a book for Canterbury Cathedral Library in 1628

‘Canterbury Cathedral Library’s five copies of the 1763 Baskerville Bible’, The Baskerville Society Newsletter, vol. 7, no. 1, April 2019. 

‘The Library’s five 1763 Baskerville Bibles’, Newsletter 59, Canterbury Cathedral Archives and Library, Summer 2019, pp. 10–11. [read online]

Libraries in an Age of Revolution
Conference at Winchester College
25–26 April 2019
David Shaw, Canterbury ‘Cathedral Library and the Civil War’.

William Somner
Conference and exhibition
Saturday 23 March 2019
Canterbury Christ Church University
David Shaw,  ‘William Somner’s books.

Awarded the Folter Fellowship in the History of Bibliography for 2015/2016 by the Bibliographical Society of America.

Recent publications

  • ‘The Library’s five 1763 Baskerville Bibles’, Newsletter 59, Canterbury Cathedral Archives and Library, Summer 2019, pp. 10–11. [Read online]
  • ‘Printed material in the Cathedral Archives’, Canterbury Cathedral Archive and Library Newsletter, 58, Winter 2018, p. 4–5. [Read online]
  • ‘John Mower, vicar of Tenterden in the late fifteenth century: his will, his career and his library’, The Library18 (2) (June 2017): 152–174. [Read online]
  • ‘Unlocking the Chest: financial record-keeping at Canterbury Cathedral in the late 17th century’, Cathedral Libraries and Archives Association Newsletter, Winter 2016, pp.21–22. [Blog]
  • ‘Cornetts and sackbuts in Canterbury Cathedral at the Restoration (1660)’. Southern Early Music Forum Newsletter, December 2016, p. 6. [Blog]
  • ‘The one-pull press and printing on half sheets’, Houghton Library Blog, 27 May 2016. [Link]
  • `The Revd Robert Hunt of Reculver and Jamestown, Virginia’, Canterbury Cathedral Archive and Library Newsletter, 55, October 2015, p. 3. [Link] [Blog]
  • ‘Canterbury Cathedral’s oldest printed item: Der Ackerman von Böhmen (1463)’, Picture This, Canterbury Cathedral Library and Archive, 1 January 2014. [Link]
  • ‘One book, five printers: Shared printing in early sixteenth-century Paris (Franciscus Lichetus, Commentaria, Paris, 1520)’, Le Bulletin du bibliophile, 2013, no. 2, 267–288. [Download pre-print version]