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  • ‘When was Canterbury Cathedral’s medieval library demolished?’ (accepted for Archaeologia Cantiana, 2021)
  • ‘Sheet sizes used for sixteenth-century editions of the classics printed in octavo format’ (Bibliographical Society lecture, April 2020)
  • (with Kenneth Fincham) ‘Printing, publication and distribution of Archbishop Laud’s Relation of the Conference, 1639′
  • ‘Canterbury Cathedral Library in the seventeenth century’ (based on a lecture given at the Beinecke Library, Yale University, New Haven (CT) in June 2013)
  • ‘The seventeenth-century Benefactors’ Book of Canterbury Cathedral Library: transcription and commentary’
  • ‘An early use of sigla in editions published by the Plantin press in sixteenth-century Antwerp’
  • ‘A book list of an early sixteenth-century English humanist: George Marshall’.

Catalogues and bibliographies

  • The British Library’s books printed in France, 1501–1520.
  • Editions of the Satires of Juvenal (Decius Iunius Iuuenalis) printed before 1601.
  • Books printed in Paris by Pierre Vidoue (Petrus Vidouaeus), 1517–1544.

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